Your dependable, confidential, efficient and friendly marketing partner


Your dependable, confidential, efficient and friendly marketing partner

Korosi Innovations is your full service marketing partner serving small companies to large corporations
in Ottawa and across North America since 1988 

  • Large clients in such diverse sectors as financial services, energy, healthcare, and hospitality.
  • Smaller and mid-size clients from coast to coast in Canada, and in the USA.
  • Our online ordering systems have taken and processed millions of dollars in orders.
  • We pride ourselves on being easy to work with; we handle each and every project with the utmost attention to detail.
  • A Canada Post partner and member of PPAI.


Marketing Services

Marketing Services

Our Services

Online/Direct or Combo Marketing

Communicate effectively with your clients and potential clients regarding the products and services you offer.  Whatever your target is and whether it is static or moving,  we can utilize Online, Direct or an effective combination of both (or other approaches) to enhance your opportunity to achieve successful and measureable results. 

Take your business to the next level with our complimentary consultation to explore and discuss how we can help to achieve the success you have planned for.

Printed Marketing Materials

Need some basic help with your Marketing program?  We can provide you with professional and effective printed material which will enhance your unified image not only in front of your clients at Trade Shows or Seminars, but internally at your own office as well!  Our list is extensive to allow you to self market with our quality products.  We have many more items to serve your needs, so, if you do not see exactly what you want, contact us and we will be able to help you out and get it working for you!

  • 3 D Printing
  • Banners - Indoor & Outdoor
  • Banner Stands
  • Booklets
  • Business Cards
  • Calendars
  • Calendars - magnetic
  • Door Hangers
  • Flags
  • Flyers
  • Large Posters


  • Magnets
  • Newsletters
  • Post Cards - Static & Variable
  • Rack Cards
  • Roll Labels
  • Sell Sheets
  • Signs - rigid
  • Stickers
  • Table Throws
  • Tickets - numbered
  • Window Graphics

Corporate Apparel & Rewards


Did you know that Corporate Apparel and Rewards can be used to build brands, enhance customer relations and positively motivate your employees.  With a unified approach, your corporate image not only goes into the office each day, but will be show cased on the golf course, in the grocery store or other locations and community events as well.  Wear the advantage and enjoy the benefits! 


Online Company Stores

Make life simpler for people to browse & buy with a well designed store which not only enables you to sell your product, but also streamline your procurement process.  Business, Organization or Association, gain the profit and realize the savings in both time and money!


Fulfillment Programs

Time - Space - Money - all critical in today's business environment.  Stay ahead of the competition by harnessing our warehousing and full service pick & pack distribution services,  while you enjoy the savings and as well, allows you to refocus on what you do best!


Why Us

Why Us


We are the Marketing Company designed to build your business


Since 1988, we have been a full service integrated solutions provider and a family of people driven to serve our clients.

Based in Ottawa, Canada, our products and services are utilized by many organizations and companies throughout North America.

Given the many challenges faced by today’s decision makers, we are able to assist by developing or enhancing a systematic communication link between you and your clients and/or potential clients to highlight the value of your products or services. 


Our focus is always on providing quality Marketing Products & Services that are effective, affordable & budget friendly.


If you would like to grow your business, increase profitability or decrease expenses, take your business to the next level and contact us for a complimentary consultation.  We would be pleased to assist you with your future success!


Promo Ideas

Promo Ideas

Marketing Promo Ideas from Korosi Innovations:
Why?  Because they work!

Over 58% (on average) of recipients who receive a give away will retain your company name

We have thousands of promotional items available to you for all kinds of occasions and events.
If you require a stategy to be developed for your organization to stay in front of your client or you are ready to explore the options for a specific product, contact us today and we would pleased to assist.   We love success! 


Contact Us

Contact Us

Korosi Innovations Ltd.

39-30 Concourse Gate
Ottawa, ON, Canada
K2E 7V7

T:  (613) 224-7575
T:  (877) 224-7575
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